Cyber Exposure

Cyber Exposure

Understanding your cyber exposure can transform the way in which your business handles information security. As cyber threats are evolving constantly, it’s important for businesses to evaluate threats on an ongoing basis to determine if the risk is acceptable or if it requires action.

This is a program driven by people, process and technology giving real metrics around the security posture of your business.  The importance of cyber risk to be quantified and measured alongside every other business risk can greatly improve every strategic business decision.

Why the Cyber Exposure Service?

Large enterprises generally have dedicated cybersecurity professionals to manage their cyber exposure however, this can be difficult for the smaller businesses due to the knowledge gap. The nubesec cyber exposure service is designed for businesses that have a need for someone to take responsibility for the growth of their cyber security program, but don’t need a full-time security professional.

Through a mix of policies, procedures, technology and training our approach is to ensure your business can handle the cyber exposure threat effectively from day one! Over the course of time our trusted advisors will transfer knowledge to help educate your employees to improve their cyber security understanding, becoming less reliant on us.

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