Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Data resides in both business and consumer apps together with cloud storage repositories, such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. Therefore, the goal with mobile security is to secure that business data wherever it is. In the mobile world, the right security model means that employees can actually do more. 

Why Mobile Security?

The use of mobile devices is key in to ensure the business is agile, effective and productive. However, there are many factors that should be considered when using mobile devices to ensure the business is protected from:

  • Loss of sensitive data;
  • Loss of intellectual property;
  • Unauthorised sharing of company/customer data;
  • Theft of device; and
  • Malicious or risky apps.

Any of the above could cause business disruption whether through loss of customer confidence, legislative / regulatory penalties or damage to the reputation of the business, all of which could result in a potential loss of revenue.

Historically this has been hard to achieve without inhibiting the user experience. At nubesec we work with our customers to tailor a solution to the needs of the business. This approach ensures your mobile devices can be protected to a level which is acceptable to the business, without affecting productivity.

Benefits of Mobile Security

  • Secure and improved user experience by allowing users to use apps they are familiar with and prefer;
  • Enabling employees to be agile and work from where they need, allowing the business to be more competitive and to provide a more rewarding working environment;
  • Provide data protection on mobile devices;
  • Protect data to ensure that your business remains competitive, and that your clients’ data is treated with the utmost diligence;
  • Compete more effectively, and provide better service to clients; and
  • Prevent business data from being stored or forwarded to non-business mobile device services.

So, if your answer is yes to any of the above benefits contact nubesec to discuss how we can help.